Lesser Spotted Animals

1st March 2017
Lesser Spotted Animals Book Cover Lesser Spotted Animals
Martin Brown

This book is about lots of animals that aren’t well-known such as the Crabeater Seal, Sand Cat, Southern Right Whale Dolphin and Ili Pika, so if you are looking for common animals, you won’t find them in this great book!

The book gives you these important details about each animal:

  • What their size is.
  • What they eat.
  • Where they live.
  • What their status is (not evaluated, endangered and vulnerable).

I learnt these facts (and many more!):

  • A Russian Desman is like an underwater mole and eats frogs.
  • The Hirola is critically endangered and there are less than 400 left!
  • The Dagger Tooth Flower Bat is harmless and is a hero, but how?

I really liked this book and give it 5*****. I recommend it to 7+ Horrible History fans as it’s illustrated by the same person (Martin Brown). I would like to read more books like this as this book has taught me a lot!

This is my first non-fiction book review and this is the best non-fiction book I’ve ever read!


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