Lesser Spotted Animals

1st March 2017
Lesser Spotted Animals Book Cover Lesser Spotted Animals
Martin Brown

This book is about lots of animals that arenโ€™t well-known such as the Crabeater Seal, Sand Cat, Southern Right Whale Dolphin and Ili Pika, so if you are looking for common animals, you wonโ€™t find them in this great book!

The book gives you these important details about each animal:

  • What their size is.
  • What they eat.
  • Where they live.
  • What their status is (not evaluated, endangered and vulnerable).

I learnt these facts (and many more!):

  • A Russian Desman is like an underwater mole and eats frogs.
  • The Hirola is critically endangered and there are less than 400 left!
  • The Dagger Tooth Flower Bat is harmless and is a hero, but how?

I really liked this book and give it 5*****. I recommend it to 7+ Horrible History fans as itโ€™s illustrated by the same person (Martin Brown). I would like to read more books like this as this book has taught me a lot!

This is my first non-fiction book review and this is the best non-fiction book Iโ€™ve ever read!


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