Listen to the Moon

14th October 2014
Listen to the Moon Book Cover Listen to the Moon
Michael Morpurgo

“A very good factual, emotional and exciting book” said The Alexander Times.

“The best book I have ever read” said Alexander himself.

The story is set in the middle of WW1. Merry, a 12 year old girl from America receives a letter from her father who is fighting in it. In the letter he said that he was injured so Merry and her Mum get on the deadly Lusitania to Britain. When they got near the Scilly Isles, the boat was shot by a German U-boat and sunk and this is where the story begins…

In the meantime, on the Scilly Isles, Alfie and his dad are out fishing trying to catch mackerel for Friday’s tea but instead of fish, they bring home a little girl!

Who is this girl?

Where does she come from?

Why doesn’t she speak?

Is she a German spy?

I am not going to tell you so you can read the book and find out then! BEWARE this book is like a roller-coaster – it has HIGHS and lows. It is an emotional book and I give it 11/10.

I recommend this book to 10+ fans of Michael Morpurgo.


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