Little Manfred

22nd September 2013
Little Manfred Book Cover Little Manfred
Michael Morpurgo

One day in 1966, after England versus Germany in the football world cup final, a boy and girl went to the beach to play ball with their dog.  When they were there they met a German man called Walter and another called Marty who told the children all about the war and the wooden dog they gave to Grace (the children’s mother) when they left to return to Germany.

The children find out that Little Manfred, the wooden dog, was made by Walter and Manfred.   Manfred was like a dad to Grace as he used to read and tell stories to her.  In the war Manfred died from a mine explosion and this is why the toy was named Little Manfred.

I recommend this book to children 7+ along with other books by the author who writes really good books!!

I give this book 10 out of 10 stars.




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