Mango & Bambang – Tapir all at Sea

24th January 2016
Mango & Bambang – Tapir all at Sea Book Cover Mango & Bambang – Tapir all at Sea
Polly Faber

This is the 2nd book in the series.

This story is about a girl called Mango and her tapir Bambang. Bambang tries to get a hobby so he tries ballet but it doesn’t go so well. Then he gets put into the flamenco class by Señor Churros and all the girls love him!

Bambang, Mango and George are in the park and Bambang tries to climb a tree but when he gets up there, a young couple arrives and he falls on their ring! He runs away but gets caught by the city dog warden but luckily Mango gets him set free.

One night, Dr Cynthia Prickle Posset tries to catch Bambang for her ‘Museum of the Unusual’ by playing a tune on a long flute. She cleverly catches him in a solid steel cage. The next day he becomes famous but how?

This book IS THE BEST book I’ve read. I especially liked the pictures. I recommend it to 7+ good readers. I give it 10/10.


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