Mango & Bambang – Tiny Tapir Trouble

15th September 2016
Mango & Bambang – Tiny Tapir Trouble
Polly Faber


This is the third book in the series which is about a girl called Mango and her tapir Bambang. This book has 4 stories that are related to each other. My favourite story is about chess. One day a year, the town have a chess tournament. In the tournament, Mango won all her matches – all the way up until she reached the final! In the final she had to play FITZROY KIPNEY, the previous champion for 3 years!!!! However, Fitzroy hates chess but his dad forces him to play it because his dad knows all the tricks of the trade!

Does Mango win or does she lose?

Are Fitzroy and his dad cheats?

Can Bambang help?

I really liked the pictures in this book because they were really good. I recommend it to 7+ and give it 5*.



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