Middle School – Escape to Australia

2nd June 2017
Middle School – Escape to Australia Book Cover Middle School – Escape to Australia
Middle School
James Patterson

This story is about a boy called Rafe who is unlucky (most of the time). At his school, they had an art competition and the prize was a 3 week holiday to Australia. Rafe gathered all his best artistic sketches and won the 3 week holiday. He was so excited and when he got home he told his mum the news straight away.

In Australia he got pranked 3 times by Bradley and Belinda whose parents owned the house they were staying in.

These were the pranks:

  • Making him surf and then his swimming trunks came off
  • Putting a ginormous snake in his bed
  • Dropping a soft, cuddly toy bear on him, making him think that it was a dangerous drop bear

After the pranks, Rafe wants REVENGE. But how?

  • Does he escape Australia alive?
  • What is the revenge plan?

I recommend it to 9+. If you like adventure, this is the book for you. I give it 5*****. If you like Tom Gates, you’ll like this book as well.


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