Middle School – Save Rafe!

1st December 2014
Middle School – Save Rafe! Book Cover Middle School – Save Rafe!
James Patterson

This book is the sixth in the series and stars Rafe. He is in a school called Airbook which is an art school. Rafe went there because he enjoys art but it closed down so he had to go back to his old school. Or does he? First, before he can go back to HVMS (his old school) he has to go through an obstacle course. On his course he doesn’t know anybody. He has 8 teammates and they have to complete obstacles like building rafts and sailing them in the river. The river is called Arkansas but it is not the great river; it is only a small river named after it.

Does he make friends?

Does he survive?

Does he complete the course?

Read it to find out!

I enjoyed this book it is funny and it is easy to read. Being an artist, I like the pictures!

I recommend this book to 7+ readers, although it might take you a long time to read it!

I give it *****.

I have also read “How I survived Bullies, Broccoli and Snake Hill” and I think that if you like this book, you’ll love Save Rafe!


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