Monster and Chips

26th February 2013
Monster and Chips Book Cover Monster and Chips
David O'Connell

The book was about a boy who was sent to buy chips in a diner for dinner. He had a couple of problems during his time in the diner as he was the only human there because the rest of the staff and customers were MONSTERS! All the monsters called the boy a ‘hooman’ but his name was Joe. The diner served strange foods like ‘beetle nuggets, deep-fried trouser burp and CHIPS!

My favourite character was Uncton Slugglesbutt because he was cheeky and a cheat and “cheats never prosper!”

I recommend this book to people who like monsters, funny stories and CHIPS!

I can’t wait to read Monster and Chips – Night of the Living Bread!

Rating – 100/100!

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