Murder at Twilight

18th December 2018
Murder at Twilight Book Cover Murder at Twilight
Fleur Hitchcock

One day an obnoxious boy called Noah went missing. On the morning that he went missing, his “friend” Viv had punched him on the nose while they were in her mum’s car. He had a major nosebleed and there was blood everywhere.

Then, Viv’s mum finds herself as the prime suspect for his disappearance and possibly his murder! Later that night, Viv goes out for a walk and gets lost but somehow manages to find Noah locked in a shed. Viv must save Noah before they both die! What they don’t realise is something more dangerous is about to happen and they have to act fast!

Who kidnapped Noah?

Does he die?

If you like mystery books, you’ll love this one. I recommend it to 10+. I give it 10/10.

We have just started reading Bus Stop Baby by Fleur Hitchcock and will review it shortly.

If you enjoy Murder at Twilight, make sure you read Dear Scarlett. There is a review of it on our website.


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