Murder in Midwinter

22nd February 2019
Murder in Midwinter Book Cover Murder in Midwinter
Fleur Hitchcock

One day, a girl called Maya, took a photo by accident, of a man with a gun and he looked like he wanted to kill her. She called the police but when they came, her siblings had lost the SD card from her phone, so there was no evidence of it. The next day, a dead body was found in the river. The police had to take precautions  so they moved Maya to the countryside, which meant she had to move in with Auntie V and live with Ollie, her annoying cousin.

Ollie hated Maya because he thought that she was a bratty princess but when the man with the gun appeared at their house, would it be the end of Maya and Ollie or could it be the start of a new friendship?

We give this book 11/10 because we couldn’t put it down. We recommend it to 9+ mystery fans. Check out other Fleur Hitchcock books if you like this one, for example, Bus Stop Baby, Dear Scarlett (which is one of our favourites), Saving Sophia and Murder at Twilight.


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