My Parents Cancelled My Birthday

17th December 2019
My Parents Cancel My Birthday Book Cover My Parents Cancel My Birthday
Jo Simmons

Tom can’t wait for his special birthday. He is going to be 11! It will be his special birthday because he was born on the 11th and it’s his 11th birthday and his birthday is going to be BETTER than Chas Cheeseman’s! His birthday will be remembered FOREVER!

But disaster strikes… his sister’s pet pig falls off the roof and squashes Grandma’s chihuahua and his sister believes she is cursed by the tooth fairy! More disasters keep happening and Tom’s parents are so stressed that they cancel his birthday! Tom is distraught but what can he do?

With the help of a pig zebra, some chickens and his friends, can Tom save his birthday?

Read the book to find out!

I recommend this book to 8+ readers who enjoy a laugh.

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I give it 5*****.


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