Nathalia Buttface

17th April 2014
Nathalia Buttface Book Cover Nathalia Buttface
Nigel Smith

This book is about a girl who has an embarrassing dad. I bet your dad is even more embarrassing than hers! NOT!

Her name is Nathalia Bumole (pronounced bew-mow-lay).  On the first day at her new secondary school she hoped it would be a fresh start as in her last school her dad had embarrassed her too much! She was wrong because he embarrassed her from the minute she got there! Dad left the Atomic Dustbin (his van) in a reserved parking space for the deputy head, then in the middle of her first lesson, his van caught fire and he realised that Miss Hunny, his old school friend taught at the school.

Some of the other things he did were: he made a party for Nathalia to make up for always embarrassing her but it just went wrong; he joined the school committee where he took part in events for the school, such as a brass rubbing trip where he left the teacher behind and a disco and a quiz which also went wrong!

Nathalia made a new friend at her school called Darius, who was GROSS but was a nice boy deep down. He was sent to the naughty class but Nathalia wanted him back in hers so at the quiz she tried to help him answer all the questions correctly and show off his knowledge. But this is another story!

At the disco, Darius was helping dad with the DJing and dad showed a video of Nathalia as a baby sticking her bum out! J

This was a funny book and I always wanted to read on. I recommend this to 9++ readers who like funny books. I think this book is not just for girls, it’s for boys too and I’m sure mums and dads will enjoy reading it as well!

I give this great book 10/10.



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