Oliver and the Seawigs

3rd October 2013
Oliver and the Seawigs Book Cover Oliver and the Seawigs
Philip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre

One day there lived a boy called Oliver and his parents were explorers who met on the top of Mount Everest. They had stopped exploring and were going home when they spotted some islands and his parents decided to explore them. When Oliver was unpacking his suitcase, he saw the inflatable dinghy bobbing on the water that they used to get there but Oliver was not scared. He went to the beach and before he left he stuck a sign on the door to say he would be going but would be back soon.

This is how the adventure began!!!

My favourite characters are the sea monkeys as they are very cute and I love drawing them!

I like this book because it is exciting and full of adventure. The illustrations are also very good.

I recommend this book to young adventurers aged 8+.

I give it 100 stars!




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