Ottoline and the Purple Fox

29th September 2016
Ottoline and the Purple Fox Book Cover Ottoline and the Purple Fox
Chris Riddell

This book is about a girl called Ottoline and her friend Mr Munroe. One day, Ottoline was emptying the house and met a Purple Fox who lived in the bins. Later that day, Ottoline decided to have a party. So, she invited all her friends including the Purple Fox and his assistant the Crimson Vixen. On the night everyone came and had a good time. At the end of the party, the Purple Fox asked Ottoline and Mr Munroe if they wanted to go on an Urban Safari. So, they said yes and did it!

After the safari, they met up with the Crimson Vixen and saw that she was sad because the Purple Fox didn’t seem to like her. However, with the help of their friends, they made a plan to make the Purple Fox like her.

Will their plan help make them become best friends?

Does the plan work?

I recommend it to 7+ and give it 5*. I love this book especially the illustrations. Chris Riddell is the best author/illustrator ever. If you haven’t discovered Chris Riddell yet, read his other Ottoline books as they are great!



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