18th January 2015
Pinocchio Book Cover Pinocchio
Michael Morpurgo

Have you ever read Pinocchio? We bet it wasn’t written in Pinocchio’s eyes! If you haven’t read Pinocchio we will tell you all about him. First of all, Pinocchio is a puppet, actually, the most famous puppet in the world! Also Pinocchio is more than just some cherry wood and string; he is ALIVE but he is often stupid, very stupid! At one point in the story he is so stupid that he gets robbed by a blind cat and a fox! He was made by Gepetto because he’s darling wife wanted a child. After he was made, his darling wife was full of happiness.

Pinocchio does what he wants and never thinks about the consequences. Pinocchio jumps from the frying pan into the fire and is always in danger. Pinocchio is always naughty like when he ran away to the circus and he sold his ABC books that Gepetto bought him!

We aren’t going to tell you anymore about Pinocchio as you will have to read the book to find out the story.

Alexander’s favourite character is the blind cat because he always repeats what the lame fox says and Daniel’s favourite character is Pinocchio because he’s naughty like him!

We like the illustrations in the book but it is a shame that they are not in colour as they are beautiful. As the book is set in Italy, we really liked the Italian words that Michael Morpurgo used.

If you haven’t read Pinocchio, this is the one you should read.

We recommend it to 7+ and give it 5/5.


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