Precious and the Monkeys

8th August 2014
Precious and the Monkeys Book Cover Precious and the Monkeys
Alexander McCall Smith

Alexander McCall Smith is one of my favourite authors and I have read quite a few books written by him. Out of all his books this is my favourite. This is the first book in the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency and is all about Precious’s first case and it was at her school.  Somebody had broken rule number 1 – “Don’t help yourself to other people’s things!” Precious has found out that Tapiwa’s cake, Sepo’s sandwich and Mama Molipi’s iced buns had been stolen – BUT WHO IS THE CULPRIT?

A boy called Poloko was being accused because he was fat and had sticky hands. But Precious doesn’t think that it was him so she decides to find out!

Does Precious find out who it is?

Is Poloko actually the culprit?

If Precious does find the culprit, how can she prove who it is?

If you read the book, you will find out!

I enjoyed this book a lot because the two morals are important:

  • Don’t accuse people when you have no evidence.
  • “When you want to do something, really want to do it, then you can, you really can”.

I recommend this book to age 8+ detective lovers.

I give this book 100/100.

At the beginning of the book, it said, “Many people who ask lots of questions become detectives because that is what detectives have to do”. Me and Precious have something in common, we ask lots of questions so maybe someday I will be a detective too!


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