Puppy Academy

1st June 2015
Puppy Academy Book Cover Puppy Academy
Gill Lewis

This book is about a lot of puppies in an academy called Puppy Academy. The main character is Scout (she is a German Shepherd) and she is training to be a police dog. Scout’s dream is to catch the notorious Frank Furter before he steals all the juicy sausages like venison and redcurrant, chipolatas and chorizo.

That day, the puppies are trying to get their Care in the Community badge. On the way to school, Scout helps a little girl and Scout gets dirty and then she is late for school and two of her tests….

Does she get her badge or are there consequences?

Do they catch Frank?

I give it 10/10 and recommend it to 7+ animal lovers. I can’t wait for more books. I love the illustrations!



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