Return to Groosham Grange

5th March 2019
Return to Groosham Grange Book Cover Return to Groosham Grange
Anthony Horowitz

Do not read this book if you haven’t read book 1 as it will spoil it for you!

This book is about a boy called Vincent who works for a secret organisation who plans to shut down Groosham Grange. The way Vincent must shut it down is to get the Unholy Grail. This means beating David, another boy determined to win the Unholy Grail, in a series of challenges and exams. Vincent must then get the Unholy Grail to Canterbury Cathedral to cause Groosham Grange’s foundations to collapse. This will destroy its dark and good magic. It may kill everyone and everything and this could mean that if David loses, he would have to go back to his mean parents’ house; a place worse than hell!

I give it 5***** and recommend it to 9+. I couldn’t put this book down!

If you love this book, check out Book 1 in this series and don’t forget to read the Alex Rider series.



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