Roy of the Rovers – play-offs

6th May 2019
Roy of the Rovers - play-offs Book Cover Roy of the Rovers - play-offs
Roy of the Rovers
Tom Palmer

This book is the 5th book in the series. Melchester Rovers are in the play-offs and the club is worried that if they lose in the play-offs, Melchester Rovers are going to be shut down FOREVER! Roy is very worried as his football career might end very humiliatingly to Kingsbay (they had already lost to them three times previously!). Could this be the end? The worst thing is that none of the fans know that if they lose, Melchester Rovers will be finished forever. This has caused an argument between Roy and his friend Ffion which may make them fall out with each other!

Does Ffion forgive him?
Does Roy win the play-offs?
Do the Rovers get shut down FOREVER?

Read the book to find out!

We really enjoyed this book as it always kept us on the edge of our seats. We aren’t football fans but we are hooked on this series and can’t wait for the final graphic novel to come out in June. However, we are really upset with Tom Palmer for the evil cliff-hanger at the end of this book… as we have to wait until June to find out what happens next

We loved this book and recommend it to 9+ readers who enjoy action. You do not need to be football fans to read and enjoy these books and graphic novels from amazing authors and illustrators.

We give it 500/10.


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