Roy of the Rovers – Scouted

28th October 2018
Roy of the Rovers - Scouted Book Cover Roy of the Rovers - Scouted
Tom Palmer

This book is about a boy called Roy. He plays for Grimroyd under 18s; he is 16 years old. Roy plays as a striker and has always been one. Roy and his father have supported their local team, Melchester Rovers for their whole lives.

Then Roy has an upcoming match with Grimroyd and guess what? Melchester Rover’s manager is recruiting for new youth players and he is going to see Roy!

Does Roy mess up his chance to finally play for his team?

Read the book to find out!

I give it 5,000,000 stars! I recommend it to 9+ football fans but also non-football fans. I’m not a football fan but I still really enjoyed reading this book. Look out for the graphic novels and the rest of the series. They look amazing. We were also lucky enough to receive the graphic novel called Kick-off by Rob Williams and Ben Willsher and we loved it!

Thank you Tom Palmer and Rebellion Publishing for sending us this book. The Book Brothers will always read and review your books!



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