Roy of the Rovers – Teamwork

22nd April 2019
Roy of the Rovers - Teamwork Book Cover Roy of the Rovers - Teamwork
Roy of the Rovers
Tom Palmer

This book is the 2nd book out of 3 in the Roy of the Rovers series. Read book 1 before this one otherwise it won’t make as much sense.

Roy was gutted as he has just lost 2-1 to his rival team, Tynecaster. Hugo, the best player in the world, scored a goal in the last 5 seconds! This was made even worse as Roy had just scored his rocket goal and had nearly made football history. At the end of the match, Hugo tried to swap shirts with Roy but Roy refused and said he was taking it home for his half-paralysed father.

He went to college the next day and experienced a bit of fame. He then went to Mel Park and found out he had a Gola boot deal and could make thousands of pounds from it. At home, he got a call from Johnny Dexter (The Rovers’ coach) who asked him to explain a video of him that was going around school. That video could destroy his football career and his reputation.

Which brothers were quoted in this book? (CLUE: us!)

We give it 5,000,001 stars as it is even better than Scouted! We recommend it to everyone – even our Mum enjoyed it. If you can’t wait for the new book – read the amazing graphic novel called Foul Play. The cliff hanger from this book will be answered!


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