7th April 2020
Rumblestar Book Cover Rumblestar
Abi Elphinstone

Casper is 11 and he hates risks and adventures. He is constantly bullied and feels out of place at his private school as his parents are not rich.

One day Candida (the school bully) chases Casper into the library so she can tell him continuously that no one likes him and that he is poor. He runs to his tower and Candida follows him. He runs to find a hiding place and hides in his father’s grandfather clock that he was renovating, as the pendulum was not swinging. He can hear Candida calling out to him but all of a sudden, her shouting stops!

He opens his eyes to see he is in a tree! This isn't any normal tree; it's a Neverlate Tree which gives people excuses on a piece of paper for being late. He sees a girl in the tree called Utterly. Her note says“BUSY CAPTURING CRIMINALS” and she presumes that the criminal is Casper, so she takes him to the castle.

Casper finds out that he is in a magical world called Rumblestar. Casper wants to go home as he doesn’t want to be in Rumblestar. He is worried that his parents will miss him and because he finds out Rumblestar is full of risks.

Casper is put in prison as the Neverlate tree never lies. Utterly soon realises she has made a massive mistake. She had not read the other side of the note from the tree. It actually said “BUSY CAPTURING CRIMINALS WITH CASPER”. She breaks Casper out of prison and Casper now must go on a very dangerous quest and danger is one of the many things Casper does not like.

Does Casper succeed on his quest?

Does Casper get back home?

We give this 10/5 stars. If you are 9+ and you like adventure and magic, you have to read this book. We are looking forward to Jungledrop, which is the next book in the series.



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