Sedric and the Great Pig Rescue

8th April 2015
Sedric and the Great Pig Rescue Book Cover Sedric and the Great Pig Rescue
Angie Morgan

Sedric lives in Soggy-in-the-mud in the DARK AGE! His friends are Eg, Veruca, Robin and Urk. This is the story:

Sedric’s Pig Denzel gets locked up in the DUNGEON by the new Baron Dennis because he jumped on Prunehilda who is the Baron’s wife. Then the Baron came to Soggy-in-the-mud and took everybody’s turnips as tax to buy Roman things for his castle. When Sedric and his friends go to get Denzel back, they spot a thief coming out of the castle and ask him the quick way in and he tells them! When they get in Eg tricks the Baron and his wife whilst the rest search the castle from top to bottom for Denzel.

Do they get put in the dungeon too?

Do they get eaten by rats?

Do they get their turnips back?

Do they save Denzel?

You will have to read this cool action-packed book to find out!

I recommend it to 6+ early readers.

I give it 11/10.


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