Skeleton Tree

23rd October 2017
Skeleton Tree Book Cover Skeleton Tree
by Kim Ventrella


This book is about a boy called Stanly. Stanly’s sister is called Miren and she is very sick. She has a rare lung condition where her lungs fill up with fluid. Mum is usually at work so Ms Francine looks after them both. She is from Kyrgyzstan and tells them lots of stories about her life. Mum and Dad are divorced and Stanly really misses his dad. So, when he discovers a skeleton growing in his garden and he comes across a “Discoverer’s Competition”, he is sure it will help him see his dad again. So, together with his friend Jaxon, they start to do some digging!

Who or what is this skeleton and what does he want? Does Stanly see his dad again? What happens to Miren? What happens to the skeleton?

You’ll have to read the book to find out!

This book keeps you on the edge of your seat because you want to find out the connection between the skeleton and the other characters.

I recommend this book to 11+ readers who like mystery and thriller books. This book is also a bit sad and emotional. I give it 5*


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