Sky Song

28th January 2018
Sky Song Book Cover Sky Song
Abi Elphinstone

Eska is a prisoner of the Ice Queen. The Ice Queen has captured all the adults and she is trying to steal Eska’s voice so that she can be the most powerful person and rule Erkenwald (where they live).

But one day a boy called Flint comes to the palace in search of his mother and he stumbles across Eska. He sets her free from captivity and decides to bring her back to his tribe. He is cross with her because she ruined his chances of setting his mum free. When he brings Eska back to his tribe, the leader, who is his brother Tomkin, is furious with him as he has brought an outsider into the Fur Tribe. So, they kick Eska out!

With no memory of her past and still weak from being locked up she has to fight to survive. On her way, she befriends an eagle who helps her fight the Ice Queen. Eska calls her new friend Balapan. Over the next few days Eska learns who to hunt and fight for survival and soon she is reunited with Flint and his sister Blu. Together they travel to the Feather Tribe to ask for help in finding the Frost Horn, which is the only thing that can stop the Ice Queen.

Do they find the Feather Tribe?

Do they find the Frost Horn?

We recommend this book to 9+. We give it 5*****. We definitely would like to see it made into a film.

We were lucky enough to be quoted in this book on the back page. Can you see our quotes? Thank you Abi for including them in your book.

This book is about friendship, hope and courage.

“Hope moves quickly. It could burn inside you one minute and then just when you thought you lost it, you’d find it shinning in the hearts of your friends”.


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