Spy Toys

28th November 2016
Spy Toys Book Cover Spy Toys
Mark Powers

This book is about a toy called Dan. This story starts in the Snaztacular Ultrafun factory which is where toys with brains are made. On this particular day, the faulty alarm suddenly goes off and the big grabber picks Dan up and puts him in the Test Room. In the Test Room, there is a man in a white cloak who finds that Dan has a bad snuggle chip (brain) which means that Dan will become spare parts!

The man tells Dan to stand on a yellow cross and Dan falls down a deep, deep trapdoor at incredible speed into a toy dump. In the toy dump, Dan sees a doll but not just any doll, a Loadsasmiles Sunshine Doll called Arabella. Together, they escape from the toy dump and find their freedom until they get caught with a Police Rabbit called Flax by The Department of Secret Affairs. The three of them are turned into the Spy Toys Team and their first mission is to save the Prime Minister’s son from being killed by an elephant maniac.

Who is the elephant maniac?

Does the elephant maniac kill the Prime Minister’s son?

You’ll have to read this fantastic book to find out!

I give this book 5* because it’s funny and I’m a wannabe spy so I like anything spy related. I recommend it to 8+ wannabe spies. I can’t wait for the second book to come out and I’m looking forward to exploring the app! J J J J J


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