Ted Rules the World

16th June 2015
Ted Rules the World Book Cover Ted Rules the World
Frank Cottrell Boyce

On Ted’s birthday he thought his parents were wrapping presents but instead they were asleep! Later he goes into Neighbourhood to buy tasty Hula Hoops for his birthday. While Ted is in the shop he becomes Prime Minister but doesn’t find out straight away and he doesn’t know why!!!! Also, every time he tells the shopkeeper something, the next day it’s law. A new law is football cards are sold in playgrounds and also Mondays are weekends! What’s happening???? Something weird is happening and Ted doesn’t know what and neither will you unless you read the book!

From the book, “The lesson for us is that no one is average. Everyone is special!”

I really enjoyed the illustrations and the book is action-packed. I recommend it to 7+.



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