The Accidental Billionaire

24th September 2017
The Accidental Billionaire Book Cover The Accidental Billionaire
Tom McLaughlin

This book is about a boy called Jasper Spam, his Nan and his cat, Rover. Jasper was an ordinary boy… well, one who got into trouble (a little bit) at school because of his inventions!

One day, he was in his science lab (his shed) and he tried to split an atom, so he hit the chisel with a hammer, the hammer flew up, hit a laser beam and BAM, it hit Rover’s bum! Because of this accident, his cat started to talk and Jasper became rich beyond belief. The accident was the birth of Cat Chat 2000!

Soon, cats were plotting things against humans. But what were they planning?

I recommend this book to 7+ comedy fans. I give it 11/10.

This is the 3rd book in the “Accidental” series and is my favourite one. It’s funny, you can’t put it down and if you have any money, I recommend that you BUY THIS BOOK!

If I was a billionaire, I would give some money to charity, buy a car company (Tesla) and buy a mansion. If Alexander was a billionaire, he would give some money to charity and buy at least 3 sports cars.



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