The Accidental Secret Agent

29th April 2016
The Accidental Secret Agent
Tom McLaughlin

accidental secret agent

This book is about a boy called Kevin Twigg and a man called Jake who looks like his identical twin. One day, Kevin and his 2 friends Pete and Stu went to Kevin’s house for tea. In Kevin’s room, he announced he would zip wire from the rooftops and somersault and land perfectly on his feet. All of this to get a Miphone25!

But… it didn’t go to plan! He zip wired well but fell over and crashed into the fountain with his bum on show! I’m not going to tell you any more about this bit but it’s very funny! This is when the man comes up to him (the identical one) and asks him to swap lives with him because he wants to have a break from his job.

This is when he becomes Agent 006 ½ …. “The name’s Twigg, Kevin Twigg. I’ve got a licence to get up all in your face”.

I give it 10/10. I recommend it to 8+ wannabe spies, so that they learn how to be proper spies!


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