The Bolds in Trouble

2nd July 2018
The Bolds in Trouble Book Cover The Bolds in Trouble
Julian Clary

On Fairfield Road, food is going missing in broad daylight. The Bolds smell a rat or rather a fox! The Bolds aren’t who they seem; they are a family of hyenas who like to dress up as humans! They are out to catch the fox thief who stole the food and they are determined to stop him in a peaceful way! The fox is ignorant and isn’t clever enough for the hyenas.

One day, the fox got stuck in a trap so the Bolds had to free him in a peculiar way! The fox wanted food so he blackmailed the Bolds using their “secret” to scare them. Soon, the fox gets fat and the Bolds get poor! This is when they realise that they need to do something about this situation.

What happens to the fox? Do the Bolds kick him out? Does the fox ever get caught?

Read the book to find out! We give it 5*****.

We recommend it to 9+ readers who like jokes (Christmas cracker jokes!).



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