The Bolds

23rd July 2015
The Bolds Book Cover The Bolds
Julian Clary

The Daniel Mail – A fantastically funny new book by Julian Clary.

The Alexander Times – A hilarious book – even the book laughs with you!

 The book is about 2 ordinary hyenas called Spot and Sue, that live with their pack in Africa. One day Amelia and Fred Bold arrive in Africa and change the 2 hyenas’ lives forever by giving the hyenas a new identity and making them the new Mr and Mrs Bold (we won’t tell you how this happens!!!!!).

The new Mr and Mrs Bold find themselves in an ordinary house in Teddington, living next door to Mr McNumpty (AKA Mr McGrumpy). After a while of living in Teddington, Mr and Mrs Bold give birth to twins – Bobbie and Betty and have to teach them how to be humans. This isn’t easy as hyenas have a long, bushy tail, a black smooth nose and a loud cackling laugh….

  • Will the hyenas’ secret be found out or do they discover a secret of their own?
  • Does Mr McNumpty stay as Mr McGrumpy?
  • We loved the book because it was funny, exhilarating and we couldn’t stop laughing. We would love to read a second book in this series. We recommend it to 8+ or 7+ if reading with a parent. We also love the illustrations.

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