The Creakers

10th December 2017
The Creakers Book Cover The Creakers
Tom Fletcher

The adults were missing! What happened to them?

One morning, a girl called Lucy woke up to the sound of her mum’s alarm clock, which NEVER went off! She went to her mum’s room to find an empty bed. She looked everywhere for her mum.

Her mum was gone!

The reason her dad wasn’t there was that he had gone missing a while ago; you’ll find out in the book why and where he is.

Lucy went into her garden. She could see lots of children crying for their parents. Lucy was the most responsible child so she tried to take control.

First, the children watched the news but there was no news reporter! Next, they went to school but there were no teachers! It was very strange! All the children were very confused but they were also a bit happy because now they could do what they wanted!

Some of the things they did were:

  • Crash a car into Lucy’s hedge
  • Put trampolines down the road
  • Get stuck in washing machines
  • Get Play-doh and paint everywhere
  • Get loo paper in every tree

This was how Lucy’s first day went but what was going to happen the next day?!

That night, Lucy wasn’t alone… Something was lurking under her bed and waiting for her to fall asleep. But who or what was it???? A Creaker maybe???

Don’t read this book before bed as it’s highly likely there may be a Creaker watching you too! 🙂

We recommend this book to 9+ as it is a bit scary at times. We give it 11/10.

We were lucky enough to get a signed copy of this book for our signed bookshelf! We need another bookshelf now for all our signed books!


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