The Day That Aliens Nearly Ate Our Brains

22nd March 2018
The Day that aliens nearly ate our brains Book Cover The Day that aliens nearly ate our brains
Tom McLaughlin

This book is about an ordinary boy called Freddy and his best friend Sal. It is set in an ordinary house, on an ordinary street, in an ordinary town of Wolverhampton. But they aren’t going to be ordinary for long!

Freddy and Sal are trying to watch wrestling on TV by using next door’s transmitter but they accidentally disturb an alien called Alan, who wants to eat their brains.

Soon the police, NASA and even the world leaders get involved and Freddy is in a lot of trouble!

Do the aliens kill everyone?

Does anyone kill Freddy?

Who can save everyone?

Read the book to find out!

I recommend this book to 9+ readers. If you like this book, read the books in the “Accidental” series – you’ll enjoy them! Have a look through our book reviews and you’ll find some of them.

I give it 5*****




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