The Distance Between Me and the Cherry Tree

17th April 2018
The Distance Between Me and the Cherry Tree Book Cover The Distance Between Me and the Cherry Tree
Paola Peretti

“All children are scared of the dark…” This book is about a girl called Mafalda and her friends Estella and Filippo. Mafalda is no ordinary girl; she is turning blind. She suffers from Stargadt Disease, which is a disease that slowly makes you lose your vision.

Filippo is Mafalda’s boyfriend – even if she doesn’t want to admit it. He has his own problems but he tries to help his friend as much as possible. Estella, Mafalda’s trusted friend, always tells Mafalda to find her “essential things” before she turns blind.

Mafalda’s life isn’t going well and she is becoming blind very quickly. She can see how quickly this is happening by measuring the distance between when she can see the cherry tree and actually reaching it. So, one day she decides she is actually going to live in the cherry tree with her grandma and Cosimo (a fictional character from one of her favourite books). In order to do this, she must find “the essentials” for moving even if she has to steal them from her friends and classmates.

Does Mafalda go blind?

Does she find her “essential things?”

Does Mafalda move to the cherry tree?

Read the book to find out!

We recommend this book to 8+. This story is about friendship, love and accepting your destiny, even when it’s not what you wanted. It’s based on a true story – the author of the book has Stargadt Disease.

We could see this book made into a film!

We give it 5*****.


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