The Dog who saved the World

21st August 2019
The Dog who saved the World Book Cover The Dog who saved the World
Ross Welford

This is the story of Georgie who one day gets a pet dog that is a mix-mash of dog breeds, so she calls him Mr Mash.

Mr Nash is quickly returned to the place they get him from because Georgie’s dad gets a new girlfriend and guess what? She is allergic to dogs!

Due to Mr Mash leaving, Georgie decides to help out at her local dog home, which just happens to be the place that causes the CBE (Canine Bourne Ebola) disease.

One day when she is walking Mr Mash from the dog home, he steals a woman’s yellow swimming hat, so she makes a deal with Georgie: she either helps her or she will report Mr Mash to the authorities! The woman in question is called Dr Pretorius and she has created a machine that lets you experience the future in the present. There is one problem when they are testing it; there is a bug. It is a scorpion! It stings Georgie on the leg which causes her to go to hospital while CBE spreads and nearly kills all the dogs in the world! Georgie now has to go to the future and find the cure before it is too late! 

Do they find a cure? 

Does Mr Mash die? 

Do they remove the scorpion from the machine? 

I give it 5*****. I recommend it to 10±. I really, really enjoyed this book and couldn’t put it down! 


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