The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart

3rd January 2017
The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart Book Cover The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart
Stephanie Burgis

Aventurine is a dragon but she is not any old dragon, she is a ferocious and fearless dragon. In fact, the fiercest dragon ever but she is not old enough to leave her cave. One day, she decides to leave her cave in secret to try to prove her family wrong but it doesn’t go to plan!

First, she can’t find any humans to eat and then when she does, the human gives her some enchanted hot chocolate which she loves, (she has never tried chocolate before) and which turns her into a human! This creates a series of problems for her because she now has nowhere to go and home is definitely not an option now she is a human.

I recommend this book to 9+ make-believe lovers and chocoholics.

I thought this book was slow to start off with but I soon got into it and wanted to read on.

I give it 4****.


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