The Ethan I was before

24th May 2017
The Ethan I was before Book Cover The Ethan I was before
Ali Standish


Ethan’s story was definitely a page turner!

The book is about Ethan and his best friend Kacey. Kacey and Ethan liked to dare each other to do weird things. Their final dare ended terribly and resulted in the end of their friendship.

Kacey’s window had been dark for forty-nine days. Ethan became depressed and kept running away to try to reach Kacey. On his third attempt, his brother Roddie found him and told him to stop running away. After this incident, Ethan’s family moved from Boston to a small town called Palm Knot; this is where Ethan makes a new friend called Coralee who also has a secret or two! But, not everyone liked Palm Knot; Roddie didn’t like it there because there was no baseball team; his girlfriend was still in Boston and there were no good colleges nearby. Also, mum didn’t like it there because they had to live with Grandpa Ike and they didn’t get on particularly well!

What happened to Kacey? Whose fault was it?
Does Ethan disclose his secret to Coralee or his friends?
Do Grandpa Ike and Mum make up?

I really enjoyed this book because it gripped me and kept me on the edge of my seat.

I recommend this book to 11+ readers who like a gripping and emotional story.

I give it 5*.




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