The Eye of the North

7th January 2018
The Eye of the North
Sinéad O’Hart

Emmeline’s parents are always away on business trips and they always bring home strange and dangerous creatures. Emmeline is usually prepared for anything but when her parents go missing, she can’t change what would happen next. So, she finds herself on a ship to France where she discovers a stowaway called Thing. Soon, they become the best of friends. It turns out Dr. Siegfried Bauer (the person who kidnapped her parents) doesn’t only want her parents – he wants her too and he’ll do anything to get her!

Does Emmeline get captured?

Why does he want her?

Why is Thing a stowaway?

Read the book to find out!

I found this book a bit slow at the beginning as I am not particularly interested in mythical stories or monsters but I carried on reading it!  I’m so glad that I did, as I think it had a great ending.

I recommend it to 12+ readers who enjoy magical stories.

I give it 4****.


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