The Fabulous Four Fish Fingers

19th August 2013
The Fabulous Four Fish Fingers Book Cover The Fabulous Four Fish Fingers
Jason Beresford

The book is about 4 children who go on an adventure to save Tumchester from Jumper Jack Flash (a pirate rabbit) and The Panteater (an anteater that would eat your pants if he could!). It all started when 2 boys (Morris and Gary) were pretending to fight Zombies (stinging nettles) using sticks. Gary got stung! Then two girls came along called Ruby and Bel and one of them had a parrot called Marvin. Marvin could only say Marvin’s Starvin. After a while they went home and on the way home they saw a house. Inside the house they found a record player with a teddy bear in it and when they took the teddy bear out, an elf appeared. That is when they become superheroes and the adventure begins!

My favourite character is Marvin because he is funny.

I recommend this book to children age 7+ especially if you like adventure or funny books.

I give it 100,000,000 stars.




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