The Falcon’s Malteser

27th April 2016
The Falcon's Malteser Book Cover The Falcon's Malteser
Anthony Horowitz

AlexscanThis is an amazing book about a 28 year old detective called Tim, who is dumber than his 13 year old brother, Nick. The beginning of the story is about their poor life. One day, Johnny Naples (a dwarf) gives them £200 and a mysterious parcel to look after for him, which they later discover is full of Maltesers. Suddenly, Johnny disappears and a few days later he is found dead in a hotel room.

  • Who killed him?
  • Why does every villain want to catch Tim and Nick?
  • What was so special about the parcel?

This is a brand new edition of the first novel in the Diamond Brothers series and has been updated by Anthony Horowitz.

Since reading the book, I now want to watch the film or see the show that this is based on.

I also really liked the illustrations in the book because they really intrigued me and made me read on.

I recommend this book to 9+ comedy and crime story readers.

I give it 5 stars *****



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