The Funny life of Pets

11th February 2018
The Funny Life of Pets Book Cover The Funny Life of Pets
James Campbell

This is the funniest book EVER! I fell off my chair laughing…

I have learnt about:

  • imaginary pets
  • how your parents lie to you about your hamster’s age
  • how to identify POO!!!!!!

I would like another book in this series because this one was too short! Please can you write another one???

WARNING do not use any of the facts in this book in class because your teacher might just laugh at you and you don’t want that!!!

I loved the imaginary pets section and the Poo Identification table was very useful because I would like a pet and I’m sure I need to know how to identify its poo! Since reading this book, I have decided that I would really like to have a Cumberland sausage dog because they are awesome!

I recommend this book to 8+ readers. The illustrations in the book are really good too! I give it 5000 ****


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