The Great Chocoplot

20th February 2016
The Great Chocoplot Book Cover The Great Chocoplot
 Chris Callaghan

Once there was a girl called Jelly, who was watching the “Seven Show” on TV and it said “In 6 days there will be no more chocolate ever!” This is the worst thing that could EVER happen! Can you imagine a universe with NO chocolate?

Her dad loses his job from cutbacks at the Big Choc Lot factory and soon her mum’s shop has to close down their Pick & Mix section because of fighting over chocolate. So, Jelly starts investigating by putting a Blocka Choca Bar into a box to see if it disappears. But what happens?

Every day, there is less chocolate, but how? Read the book to find out!

I give it 100/100. I recommend it to 7+ imaginative book lovers.



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