The Grunts in Trouble

17th July 2014
The Grunts in Trouble Book Cover The Grunts in Trouble
Philip Ardagh

The main characters are Mr and Mrs Grunt and Sunny. Mr and Mrs Grunt are not ordinary people; they don’t live in a house, they live in an unordinary caravan! They have a son called Sunny (who is not really their son because they stole him from a washing line!). His ears are wonky because he had been on the washing line for so long! In the story, Mimi the boot boy (who is really a girl!) gets chased by bees and is saved by Sunny. Mimi’s boss is Lord Bigg, who’s mean. The Grunts end up upsetting Lord Bigg… you’ll have to read and find out more.

I enjoyed the book because it’s funny and I wanted to read on.

I recommend it to free readers like me! 🙂

I give 5 stars to the book. *****

I forgot to say that I love the pictures! 🙂


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