The Knights of the Drop-leaf Table

19th January 2017
The Knights of the Drop-leaf Table Book Cover The Knights of the Drop-leaf Table
Kaye Umansky

This book is about 6 knights called

Sir Prancelot (the keen one)
Sir Percy (the fussy one)
Sir Garry (the gloomy one)
Sir Tralahad (the musical one)
Sir Bore de Gannet (ze French one)
Sir AnGela (a girl in disguise)

These 6 knights are very noisy and they get on peoples’ nerves; especially Sir Tralahad who follows the King around playing his irritating songs. King Artie and Queen Gwinnie decide that the knights should have their own meeting room, as they are irritating the whole castle. The knights get a table for their new room but it’s not just any table – it’s a drop-leaf table which is a table that folds in half. They also get chairs from the kitchen. Their room is now complete! So, they plan a party with French food made by Sir Bore de Gannet. However, the party turns into a big mess with food flying everywhere!

But how?


You’ll have to read the book to find out!

This book is super-readable and is brilliant for dyslexic readers because of the font used and the colour of the pages. If you like funny books, this is for you!

I give it 5*****.


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