The Lost Tide Warriors

16th May 2020
The Lost Tide Warriors Book Cover The Lost Tide Warriors
Catherine Doyle

Fionn is the only Storm Keeper who can’t use his magic. The evil witch Morrigan has called her followers to go to Arranmore and large amounts of Soulstalkers are arriving daily.

The islanders believe they are going to raise Morrigan on the Winter Solstice. Fionn believes the only way he can stop Morrigan is by finding the Tide Summoner a special shell which can call an Army of Merrows (vicious mermaids). No one believes that he can find it, so instead of helping him find it they make their own plans! They prepare for an invasion where they will use the Storm Keeper’s magic to kill the Soulstalkers (which is done by burning Fionn’s magical candles).

Fionn goes into the past to get the Tide Summoner and finds where it is but cannot save it from falling into the ocean. He nearly dies when the boat he and his friends are in starts to sink.

When he returns to his house, he has 1 day until the invasion but the Soulstalkers have surrounded his house and he has no way to escape. He uses the candle to enter another layer to get to the cliff so he can push the water back and get the Tide Summoner.

Does he get the Tide Summoner?

Does Morrigan rise?

Read the book to find out. We give this book 5* and we can’t wait for the next  one.

We were lucky enough to get our copy signed by Catherine Doyle and we wrote about the book signing event at the time. If you missed it or you just want you read about it, click on the link here.



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