The Magical Mix-up

7th May 2018
The Magical Mix-up Book Cover The Magical Mix-up
Zach King

Zach has gone from Zero to Hero. He has loads of friends but there is one thing heโ€™s missing; his magic. Hogan, the new kid, is plotting against Rachel. Zach needs to find his powers to STOP Hogan before it is too late. Hogan wants to ruin Rachelโ€™s reputation (after book 1 she became popular at school), so he be-friends her enemy Tricia so that together they can be the most popular kids at school.

Does Zach stop Hogan?

Does Zach get a super power?

Read the book to find out! We give it 5*****. We recommend it to 8+ magic fans! We would love another book in this series.



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