The Person Controller

28th September 2015
The Person Controller Book Cover The Person Controller
David Baddiel

AJ Times

Who could know a replacement controller could change your life!

Daniel Mail

It’s videogame-tastic!

This book is about a set of fraternal twins called Fred and Ellie who love videogames. One day, Eric, their fat dad sat on Ellie’s controller and it got stuck in his bum. The next day, the twins go to the school computer room with one laptop in it, to search the Internet for a new controller and this is where the story BEGINS!!!

They find a website with a new controller. A mysterious man pops up on the screen and asks them if they want the controller. So they say “YES!” When they get home there is a parcel for them and they take it to the playroom and open it and there is their new controller with 6 glittery buttons and blue pulsing lights. They don’t really know how it works! Fred puts on the bracelet while Ellie fiddles with the controller and tries to get onto Super Mario Bros and Fred jumps across the room. This is how they realize that it controls people not TVs.

Now they have the controller will they:

  • win the Interschool Winter Trophy football match?
  • defeat Isla and Morris Fawcett (the school bullies)?
  • impress the Chelsea scout?

We recommend this book to 8+ children who love reading.

We give it the highest rating you can get!

Now we want to read The Parent Agency.



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