The Star Outside My Window

3rd January 2022
The Star Outside My Window Book Cover The Star Outside My Window
Onjali Q. Raúf

This book is about a girl called Aniyah and her little brother Noah. Aniyah and Noah have just been moved to a foster home because their mum is gone but she wants to find her. The last encounter that Aniyah remembers with her mum is her mum telling her that they were playing a big game of hide and seek and they needed to hide for as long as possible from Aniyah’s dad.

Aniyah and Noah aren’t the only ones in the foster home, there are also three other children called Travis, Ben and Sophie. Travis and Ben are really nice to Aniyah and Noah when they arrive and they get on well but Sophie is really mean to them as well as to everyone in the foster home. The foster home is run by a lady called Mrs Iwuchukwu. She is a really nice lady and unlike Aniyah’s dad she never seems to get mad, even when Noah wets the bed every night.

Aniyah wants to be a “Star Hunter” which is what she calls astronomers. When she was younger her mum taught her about stars and she knows all the constellations in the sky. She believes that her mum has become a star and after she sees on the TV in her foster home that a new star has been spotted, she knows it is her mum. The woman on the TV says that there will be a competition to name the star and Aniyah is really excited until she finds out how many people are entering the competition.

She needs a plan to make sure that her mum’s star is given the correct name and it’s a race against time as she doesn’t have long left.

Can she get the help of her new foster siblings?

Does she get there in time?

Do they get to name the star?

Read the book to find out!

We recommend this book to 11+ readers who enjoy an emotional story with lots of adventures! We give this book 5*****

Warning - this book contains some upsetting topics. 

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Finally, well done Onjali on your MBE. What an achievement! 


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