The Storm Keeper’s Island

10th August 2018
The Storm Keeper’s Island Book Cover The Storm Keeper’s Island
Catherine Doyle

Fionn hates the sea, which is terrible as he is on a ferry on the way to a small island off the coast of Ireland where his grandfather lives. When Fionn arrives, his happiness is short-lived!

The island is a weird, mysterious place and it is even a bit magical but Fionn doesn’t know that yet! Flowers re-grow when you pick them and shrubs and weeds disappear and to make matters worse, his mum refused to come with him to the island and his sister is too interested in her boyfriend to even bother speaking to him.

Does Fionn make friends?

What is the mysterious magic?

Does Fionn overcome his fear of water?

Read the book to find out!

I recommend this book to Abi Elphinstone fans or readers who love magic and mystery. I give it 5*****.

I can’t wait for the sequel!



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