The Sword of Kuromori

18th February 2015
The Sword of Kuromori Book Cover The Sword of Kuromori
Jason Rohan

The Sword of Kuromori is a fast paced book with lots of action! A boy called Kenny finds out his grandfather’s deepest secrets. He goes on a Japanese adventure to stop an earthquake happening. He thinks he has to destroy a satellite and if he doesn’t, it will fire a beam to make an earthquake but….

there is something even bigger waiting for him (well technically smaller but stronger) and his Japanese sidekick Kiyomi. He has been given the gift of sight which means he can see creatures which try to stop him from completing his mission. You will learn about these in the book!

I was lucky enough to meet the author at a workshop at my local library where he told me all about it and about his trip to Japan which inspired the book. I can’t wait for the new one to come out!!!

This is a great book for 10+ year olds because it is quite long and it has Japanese words in it which many confuse younger children but don’t worry there is a glossary at the back.

This book is sooooooooooo good and despite it being long, I read it in three days! I give it 11/10.

Note from Daniel age 7.

I attended the workshop with my brother and learnt about the creatures that are in the book. I think they are a bit scary for me at the moment but when I am a bit older I will definitely read the book.



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